How we make your custom website!

Our talented team of website designers and developers work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom website is a true reflection of your organization.

Place your order.

The process begins with your online order. Simply choose the website package that best suits your needs and that gets the ball rolling.

Placing an order is quick and easy.

Book your Welcome Call and provide direction.

Once you have placed your order you will be directed to book your Welcome Call.

This is an introductory phone or video call where our team collects  information that is critical to us starting the process of developing your custom website, and to ensure our team designs the site you are looking for.

We design a Homepage Draft.

Now that we know what you want, we will get to work designing and developing your custom website.

The first task will be to incorporate your design requests into what we call a “Homepage Draft.”

This draft will incorporate the design, brand and navigational elements you requested in our communications.

You will be notified once this design stage is completed to the account email you have provided us.

Provide feedback.

Once we have provided you a “Homepage Draft”, you will need to review our work and provide us some feedback. If you are happy with the design the way it is, great we can then move onto the next step.

However, if you would like some revisions, simply provide us the details of your changes, submit your request and we will make the necessary edits.

Be sure to be explicit in what you like and what you don’t like so our design team can make the edits to your liking.

At this stage making large edits is allowed and encouraged so sure to let us know everything!

We complete the website.

Now that your homepage draft is completed to your liking, we can complete the remaining pages and bring your website together.

If you opted for us to write content for you we will begin this process, otherwise you must provide us the written text for your website. We will then compile all the remaining items and move onto the quality stage.

Website Process

You do a final review.

At this stage your website is nearly complete, and we will provide you with a link to review the assembled site. Small edits to content and layout refinement can be made at this stage at your request. If needed, these small revisions will be completed and then your site is submitted to our quality assurance team.

Quality assurance occurs.

Now that you have your website the way you want it, we will have our Quality Assurance team go through each page in detail to ensure it meets our strict standards. To do this, we go through our checklist of more than 100 items to make certain the site is responsive, optimized, and ready for production.

Your website is deployed.

Your website is now ready to go live!

We submit your completed website to our deployment team where your website is uploaded to our enterprise hosting service and the remaining site features are added to your website.

We also take a full backup of the website and go through one final round of testing for performance and compliance.


Your website is launched and live for all to see!

Ready to get your own custom website?

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