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WordPress Design & Development

We offer custom website design and development on the WordPress platform.  Our services are geared towards those businesses and organizations that want the support and expertise of a professional design team without the expensive overhead. You do not need to do any development or design yourself as our team of web experts take care of all of these services to develop your website on the WordPress platform. We service many industries and businesses of all sizes, and work to deliver a website while providing ongoing site maintenance and updates when needed.  With WordPresto the following advantages are common for all of our clients:

  • A professionally designed website completed by experienced web professionals.
  • Image licenses included with the applicable package.
  • Noted WordPress plugin licenses as per the website package.
  • WordPress theme license and WordPress platform.
  • Ongoing site maintenance for platform and plugin updates.
  • Enterprise website hosting complete with an SSL certificate.
  • One hour of design and/or development time per month to use at your request when needed.*
  • Dedicated project manager for site development.
  • Ongoing support through email, chat and phone.**
  • Ongoing site security checks and monitoring.

The WordPresto design service starts with a dedicated project manager to organize and lead your project in order to communicate your ideas and needs to our internal design and development personnel.  All projects begin with an online order followed by a Welcome Call to determine the needs of the site, create a development work plan, and to fully understand your needs while detailing the complete website development process.  A dedicated team of experts are assigned to each project who in turn are responsible for designing, developing, and implementing all aspects of your custom designed website. 

Once the website is completed, the site is launched on our enterprise hosting platform and you will be entitled to an hour per month of design or development time to use as you see fit.  For a visual infographic of the website development process please click here.

The monthly fee includes a myriad of services, licenses, and offerings that would cost you significantly more if you were to use a self-serve website building service. These include:

  1. One hour of design or development time that you can use to make updates and/or edits to your site when requested to do so.
  2. Enterprise Website Hosting.
  3. 100MB of data storage.
  4. Response times for site updates that are based on your subscription type.
  5. Free CDN Hosting (when requested and applicable).
  6. Access to our white-listed premium plugin library.
  7. Access to our Shutterstock image license (Some restrictions apply).
  8. Online support services to troubleshoot issues or inquiries you may have with your website.
  9. Automatic daily site backups within a 30 day window.
  10. Maintained plugin updates and security patches.

If you are looking for a unique and completely tailored website solution that is well out of the box of our packaged offerings you are welcome to submit a request for quote by visiting our online custom quote form here.

WordPress Content Management

Yes! We believe that the client should have access to their website and, if requested, our team grants the client administrator access to the website.*  We believe that the client should have the option to take control or have a part in the content and management of their business’s website. As a result we will provide you full admin access to your website if requested so you can update and manage the website on your own time if desired.*

Though we are sad to see you go, we do not hold your content and website prisoner. We will kindly package your website and its content (minus any licensed content or software) into a deliverable file for you so you may take it elsewhere.

Maintenance & Support

The following describes in detail the maintenance and support service offering that comes standard with every website WordPresto develops and hosts. This outlines what is included in as part of the default offering that do not count towards any maintenance hours, and those services that do require maintenance hours.

Default Services that DO NOT require the use of any maintenance hours.
Update of the WordPress CMS core platform.
The update of any WordPress plugin or add-on that was part of the original site build and is considered CORE site elements.
Ensuring there is sufficient website storage, bandwidth and hardware resources for the site to perform adequately.
Keeping the website up and running efficiently.
Providing 30 days worth of backups of the website and any databases that may be part of the website.
License monitoring for any third party components.
Server security for the website server setup.
Site monitoring for uptime and performance.
Maintaining images and any applicable content licensing.
Services that DO require maintenance hours.
Performing any repairs to the website for any elements or portion of the website that have stopped working or are under performing after any warranty period has ended.
Installing or updating any new plugins or add-ons that were not part of the original website build, OR any plugins that were added by the client.
The development of any new pages, site elements, or modifications to any portion of the website such as new images, designs, or content.
The addition of any new features or functions for the website at the request of the client.
Troubleshooting any issue with DNS pointing, domain name configuration, or any security related issue that is specific to the website and not the hosting server.
Any user permission or site security issues where any of the client’s WordPress accounts may have been compromised.
Testing or reviewing any third party tools or add-ons at the request of the client.
Repairing any issue with the website or a plugin that was caused by the client or their representative. Log files will be reviewed in order to determine when the problem has occurred and who made any site modifications. In the event the log file has been deleted, maintenance hours will be required.
Any issue or error that was determined to be caused by any third party plugin, component, or the core WordPress platform itself.

We have a relationship with one of the industry's leading WordPress hosting providers.  For more information on the details of this provider, please email and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


We offer the client hands-on involvement in the development process through an open beta testing process as part of the project:

  1. The WordPresto team creates a full beta version of the website and opens it up to the client to review and test out the UI/UX experience.
  2. The client is given the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions on the beta website.

Site is tested and reviewed for performance, accuracy, and completeness by the WordPresto team as well, once feedback is received from the client.


In the event the client decides to cancel either the development of their website, or their subscription, the client shall be subject to the following cancellation policies:

We want to make sure that each of our clients have fair access to available resources.  This means we constantly monitor bandwidth usage, processor, and RAM use in order to ensure these are never over utilized.  If we determine that you are abusing these resources WordPresto, in its sole discretion and without notice to the client, will perform one or a combination of the following:

  • Throttle the website to limit its usage of any particular resource.
  • Replace the website with a landing page.

In the event any of the above responses have been implemented, the client will need to contact WordPresto in order to remedy the situation.  In the event the client fails to remedy the issue, WordPresto, in its sole discretion, may terminate the service with immediate effect.

Our data collection and privacy policy can be found here for all details regarding what we collect and what we do with the information we collect.


No, we do not store your credit card information in order to be more secure and protect your data.  We use Stripe as our merchant processor for all of the credit cards we process.  Although this costs us a bit more with each transaction, we feel the extra expense is worthwhile due to the process and method by which credit cards are handled.  Stripe uses a unique token system which means we are not required to store your credit card information in our system, therefore reducing the likelihood of your card being compromised.  Although our data centers are very secure, we prefer to only store the information we absolutely need while looking for alternative options to offer the best possible security for our clients.

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